San Francisco Bitters Company

Today I discovered San Francisco Bitters Company.

They are recreating many now defunct bitters that were around before the Pure Food Act of 1906 and prohibition effectively wiped out the majority of them. They have reproductions of some I have been wondering about like Medoc Bitters (to replace Medoc Cordial- repeatedly called for in Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars 1903-1933) as well as the famous Abbot's Bitters, recreated as Reception Bitters. They offer a slew of bitters on Amazon and Ebay, the latter also offering these DIY kits for making batches of select historical bitters at home. Interestingly, the company hails from Texas, but gives a nod to the "Cocktail Route" of SF, of the 1890's, where finding these bitters collectively would have been more likely than anywhere else.

I am looking forward to giving these bitters a try, however, I need to cut myself off from buying collectible cocktail ingredients until after the 3,000 mile move is complete next month. Hopefully, they don't become defunct again any time too soon.

Boonekamp Bitters (Amazon.com)

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