Station 1 Classic Cocktails: 50/50 Sazerac, Bijou, Pisco Sour, Mai Tai

At Station 1 Restaurant, we have our cocktail list divided into "House Cocktails" and "Classic Cocktails". Some of our House Cocktails include the MacPherson's Lament, Eminence Front, and the Oaxacan Poetic.

Our Classics include the Scofflaw, as well as the following:

50/50 Sazerac

Chill a short rocks glass.
In a mixing glass, add:
.25 oz simple syrup (4 sugar : 3 water)
3 dashes of Peychauds Bitters
1 oz. VSOP Cognac (Seguinot)
1 oz. Rye (Sazerac 90pf)
Stir w/ ice until properly chilled.

Take the chilled rocks glass and rinse the inside of the glass w/ Herbsaint (or Absinthe), pour of excess.
Strain cocktail into rocks glass. Peel a strip of lemon zest over, twisting oils onto surface of drink. Set zest along the edge of the top of the glass (or discard, or drop it in).


Chill a coupe glass.
In a mixing glass, add:
1.5 oz St. George Botanivore Gin
.75 Green Chartreuse
.75 Dolin Rouge
dash of orange bitters (Angostura Orange)

Stir w/ ice, until very nicely chilled. Strain into chilled coupe.
Twist lemon strip over, drop it in.

Pisco Sour

Chill a large coupe glass.
Add one (room temp.) eggwhite to a Parisian Shaker.
Also add:
.5 oz Lime juice
.5 Lemon
.75 Simple Syrup (4:3)
If your eggwhite is chilled, add the coil of a hawthorn strainer.
Shake without ice for 10-15 seconds. AKA "Dry Shake" or "Mime Shake".
(Remove coil)
Then add;
1.5 oz Encanto Pisco "Acholado"
one dash of Angostura
Large cube (Tavolo King Cube) of ice (Should be frozen solid).
Shake aggressively for about a minute. Double strain into chilled coupe. Garnish the top of foam w/ 5 drops of Angostura bitters and decoratively swirl w/ a garnish pick.

Mai Tai

.75 oz Lime Juice
.75 Orgeat (housemade)
1 oz. Smith & Cross Navy Strength Rum
1 oz. Bank's 5 Island Rum
dash of Angostura bitters

Shake w/ cracked ice for 8 seconds. Pour unstrained in to a chilled double-old fashioned glass and top w/ crushed ice. Insert straw, garnish w/ lime wheel and cherry on a pick.


San Francisco Bitters Company

Today I discovered San Francisco Bitters Company.

They are recreating many now defunct bitters that were around before the Pure Food Act of 1906 and prohibition effectively wiped out the majority of them. They have reproductions of some I have been wondering about like Medoc Bitters (to replace Medoc Cordial- repeatedly called for in Pioneers of Mixing at Elite Bars 1903-1933) as well as the famous Abbot's Bitters, recreated as Reception Bitters. They offer a slew of bitters on Amazon and Ebay, the latter also offering these DIY kits for making batches of select historical bitters at home. Interestingly, the company hails from Texas, but gives a nod to the "Cocktail Route" of SF, of the 1890's, where finding these bitters collectively would have been more likely than anywhere else.

I am looking forward to giving these bitters a try, however, I need to cut myself off from buying collectible cocktail ingredients until after the 3,000 mile move is complete next month. Hopefully, they don't become defunct again any time too soon.

Boonekamp Bitters (Amazon.com)


MacPherson's Lament (Cocktail)

First, the Cocktail:
Chill short rocks glass first, like you would a Sazerac.
In a mixing glass; add:
.5 oz Combass Box 'Asyla' (Blended Scotch, light body)
.75 oz Rothman & Winter Apricot Liqueur
.75 Amaro Nonino
1.5 Rittenhouse Bonded Rye
Stir up nicely with cracked and cubed ice
Rinse chilled rocks glass with Drambuie
Strain cocktail into chilled Drambuie-rinsed rocks glass

twist a swath of' lemon peel over, rim-rub, drop it in

MacPherson's Lament (The Song):
Composed by James MacPherson himself in Prison on the eve of his execution for cattle rustling.  Born in 1675, the son of a gypsy woman and a highland laird. James, a fine fiddler, became the Leader of an unlawful gypsy gang plundering the North East of Scotland living off their spoils and sharing them out with the less fortunate.  He was eventually caught in the town of Keith while being chased through the streets by the bailiffs where a woman threw a blanket out of a window trapping James.  He was tried in Banff, found guilty and was sentenced to hang by the magistrates.  On the day of his execution in Banff the magistrates knew there was a reprieve coming from Aberdeen and put the town clock forward by 20 minutes so James could be hanged before the specified time.  On the gallows he played this tune then offered his fiddle to anyone in his clan who would play it at his wake.  When no one came forward to take the fiddle, he broke it then threw it into the crowd.  The broken fiddle now lies in a folk museum near Newtonmore.  The Magistrates were punished for this and the town clock was kept 20 minutes behind the correct time for many years.  Even to this day the town of Macduff has its west facing town clock covered so the people of Banff can't see the correct time!


Thai Basil Punch

So, I actually got the idea for this drink from watching the show "Chopped". In the "Mystery Basket", contestants found (among other things) coconut water and Thai basil, and one guy made a syrup for his dessert.

For the drink:

:Thai Basil Punch:

2 oz. Bourbon (Russel's Reserve)
.75 *Thai Syrup
.5 Torani Amer (Picon) (or Amaro CioCiaro if you got it)
.5 Lemon
dash (barspoon) of lime
2-3 dashes/12 drops of Fee's Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters

Shake it all up with chipped/cracked ice. Pour, unstrained, into chilled double old-fashioned glass. Top with crushed/shaved ice. Insert shorter spoon-straw, or shorter cocktail straw and garnish (Thai basil or lime).

*To make Thai Syrup: reduce, by boiling, two cans (17.5 oz. each) Coconut water w/ pulp, by half. Add leaves of 8 sprigs of Thai basil, (Microplane) zest of one lime, add 16 oz. of sugar, stir to dissolve sugar. Reduce heat to low-simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and let cool. Once cool, strain and bottle. Refrigerate. Should keep for a couple of weeks. If you add some alcohol, it will keep longer. Half an ounce of Batavia Arrack (stirred in when cooling process begins) would be a good choice, or vodka or other neutral spirit.